3 Common Mistakes Students Make While Choosing a PGDM Course

Education catalyzes opportunities. In today’s business world, getting a higher education is a vital attribute of success. The world out there is challenging, the more educated you are, the better your chances are of finding a good job. That is why having a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDM) is valuable. Let us look at some common mistakes students make while opting for a PGDM course;

Going With The Herd

It is one of the biggest mistakes students can make while selecting PGDM Courses. You’re not supposed to rely on what the crowd thinks is the best for you. Since what works for others will not work for you, you must have your objectives and do your research well. Just because a management degree sounds good and its value is echoed by those around you doesn’t mean you need it. It is literally a waste of your time and resources to give in to the trend and get into a path that you are not conscious of or interested in.

Ambiguous Goals

For each vertical, management courses are designed differently. PGDM courses in Mumbai are a perfect choice if you want to develop your managerial skills. A PGDM course would suit you better if you want to nurture your entrepreneurship skills and would like to develop leadership qualities. Not having clarity about your priorities would only lead you to choose a B-school and a course that in the first place you do not need.

Overlooking Previous Placement Records

It is important to look at the placement records prior to selecting a B school. The statistics here are not confined to the number of students being placed here, but it is also important to understand the company and package they have been offered. Students also only go through the 100% placement marketing gig and end up with a position that is below average. Therefore, students should evaluate the types of companies arriving on the campus, job profiles they provide, the number of recruiters from a multitude of sectors, and more before wanting to settle on a college for its placement track.


The right B-school will provide you with the requisite exposure and experience and will bring out the best management or entrepreneurial abilities in you. In India alone, due to the enormous demand for such courses, the number of B-schools has mushroomed over the past few years. And to help students build a promising future, PGDM degree courses certainly offer a pool of opportunities.

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